I’ve had more than a few people ask about why the posts have been so sporadic.

I just had a new baby, seriously. Get off my back!

Just kidding – LOL! No, even though I currently have a 5-week-old with 5-week-old demands, I’ve actually been very hard at work here on the blog. Most of the work has been under the hood. I did things like change the permalink structure (custom URL for pages and posts within the blog) and I simplified, going from nearly 30 categories to only 6. It’s been spring cleaning here at childrensministryonline.com – but you’ve probably not even noticed.

However, this weekend I’m putting up the “Excuse our Dust” sign because you will see significant change from this point on. Starting today, I’ll be moving to an entirely new theme with new functionality I haven’t had on this site before. It’s all very exciting.

For this massive change, I’m using a staging site to make all the changes and the hope is that once I’m done, I’ll move everything over at once and users will only see the new site. However, the skeptic in me wants to say – be prepared for broken links, messy graphics and stuff that looks like it’s in the wrong place.

I’ll keep you posted on all the new changes and next week some posts on why all the changes (it’s not just because I got tired of the current theme). Have a great weekend and we’ll see you at the new an improved childrensministryonline.com on Monday (hopefully).