Over the years I have written quite a few posts about missions in general, missional resources for kidmin and practical ideas for getting kids excited and passionate about international missions. You can always use the handy search bar on the right to find such posts, but when writing the “Kids on Mission” article for K, I decided to gather all the posts I’ve written about missions and put them in one place where things are easier to find. That places is CMO:GO which is simply childrensministryonline.com/go. This site has always been about resourcing kidmin leaders and if content is too hard to find, then I’m not serving kidmin well. So, if you’re looking for ideas on missions, check out childrensministryonline.com/go.

A word of caution though. CMO:GO isn’t comprehensive. There are probably 30-50 posts categorized by local missions, foreign missions and other resources. Over time, I’ll be adding content here as well as inviting others to add content too. I expect that in a few years, this little portion of chidlrensministryonline.com will be a great resource for kidmin inspired missions. Let me know what you think!