This April I’ll be attending my 5th Orange Conference and I must say that I’m very excited. Last year was an incredibly experience from connecting with some of my favorite people, learning from some of the greatest leaders in ministry and being honored with the opportunity to lead a handful of breakouts.

Well, I must have done all right as I’ve been invited back again to lead another breakout. I’ll be leading Preconference Workshop #3 “How To: Connect with Parents Via Social Networking.” This is on Wednesday at 1:30 PM. Here’s what I’m excited about.

  • If you select the “Social Media in Ministry” track, you’ll find four workshops being taught by Matt McKee, Gina McClain and me. I think it’s a fun that I get to be a part of this track with some of my best friends in ministry.
  • I led this same workshop with Matt McKee this year, but don’t you worry, this breakout is getting a total overhaul. So even if you attended this breakout last year, you’ll get all new content.
  • Only a week after breakout registration opened up, this breakout is already over half-way full. If you want in, you better sign up before it’s full (and no, I will not tell you what the breakout is about later… ha!).
Register here… today!

Here’s the description:

HOW TO: Connect with Parents Via Social Media
What would be the ultimate take home for parents when they leave your ministry? Parents need more than a take home sheet of paper. Use Social Media instead to spread ideas, communication, and create strategies that will enable you to better connect and partner with parents. Leverage social technology to broaden your impact.