You’ve heard that I “loath” the Algerian font. Well, I dislike Comic Sans just as much. It’s not that it’s a horrible font, it’s just that you people freaking over use it. I say “you people” becasue the majority of my blog audience are Children’s Pastors and Children’s Pastors (and teachers) are the worst offenders. It’s “kid friendly” therefore we must use it on EVERYTHING!


I’ve seen Policy Manuals typed in Comic Sans. Don’t even get me started.

Well, a good friend of mine sent me this article from the Wall Street Journal concerning this type face in particular. So funny!

So, if you tend to use Comic Sans, stop it! Hmmm, I just had an idea. I’d like to create a computer virus that spreads like wildfire, bu the only thing it does is delete Comic Sans and Algerian from the control panel.

(Insert sinister laugh here)