confused man in suitFar too often, the most confusing terminology we use are the words we’re most familiar with. We’ve been using them so long, we don’t even realize how foreign they may sound to a person not familiar with God, especially kids. The funny thing is that some of these words and terms aren’t really used in modern conversational English, they’re just hand-me-down phrases from the church of generations past. Here are a handful of confusing words and phrases:

  • Blood of Jesus
  • Lamb of God
  • Lord and Savior
  • Born again

Don’t get mad at me, I know that some of these words and terms are sacred, most of them even in your Bible. However, when we throw out one of these words, it helps if there is a context. Without the proper context, the term “born again” sounds like the title of a freaky sci-fi flick. Although not all of us serve in churches where this is all totally new stuff to the adults, it almost always is to the kids we teach… becasue they’re kids. We must watch our words closely as not to confuse the kids we’re trying to reach.