Peter Jackson has a new movie coming out next month called Sector 9. Being a fan of the SciFi genre, I’ll be seeing this one. It’s about aliens who come to earth seemingly accidentally and just want to leave. We humans; however, trap them here and segregate them off to their own isolated area. It looks to have lot of past and present social issues tied into this SciFi movie.

Last weekend I went to see a movie and saw this sign on the bathroom door.

0711091328Humans only allowed in this bathroom.

If you hadn’t seen the preview of this movie, you’d probably wonder what this sign is all about. There is a web address at the bottom that one could look up for more information.

Regardless, I love this sign. I love this kind of marketing. When I saw it I knew exactly what it was about. It got  me more excited about the movie. If I didn’t know what this was about, I probably looked up the website to see what in the world this was about.

Has your ministry or church ever done this kind of advertising for an event or program. Something not entirely overt, but clever and creative like this?