Honestly, I’m so over Daylight Savings Time. I think having children has ruined it for me. We all know that we hate the one in the Spring. Okay, we don’t completely hate it. We love the longer days, but we hate getting up that Sunday morning. Right?

But we’re ever-so-giddy about the Fall DST. “Oh, we’re falling back. Set the clocks back. We all get an extra hour of sleep!”


Maybe it’s just me, but knowing that I’m “getting an extra hour” is the one excuse I need to stay up an extra hour. Why not?

So what did I stay up an extra hour doing on Saturday night? Watching “Crusoe” on Hulu. That’s 45 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Great choice Kenny Conley.

So, now I’m going to bed an hour later with the promise of getting up an hour later… a wash. Then I was totally confused. It was about 1:00 in the morning when my computer and ipod touch switched back an hour. Cool. Well, I use my phone as an alarm clock. Is it one of those phones that resets itself or is it one of those that doesn’t? I don’t have a data plan anymore, so it’s not going to connect to a server somewhere and reset. Since my computer and iPod had already reset, I figured my phone wouldn’t, so I changed the time.

I went to bed and quickly fell asleep. I set my alarm for 7:00 AM. I woke up at 6:00 AM. Perfect. I checked my phone and noticed that it did update somtime in the morning, so I had to reset the time. I still had an hour to sleep. That extra hour I earned for “Falling back.” I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up a little later. Checked my phone for the time. 6:05 AM. Great, I just got another 5 minutes of sleep. I try this sleep thing again. Five minutes later I’m awake again. I’m not overly stressed out. My alarm will wake me up at 7:00 AM, so I’ll just rest an enjoy. Then Titus wakes up. He starts singing and banging toys together in his crib.


My alarm goes off at 7:00 AM. I’m already awake. I’ve been awake, staring at the phone as the time got closer and closer to 7:00 AM.

My conclusion. My body does’t know it’s Daylight Savings Time. My son doesn’t know it’s Daylight Savings Time. Therefore, I’m through with Daylight Savings Time.