Okay, I never intended this series to jump into a third week. Sorry, my week last week got a little busy.

I just thought I’d wrap it up with a few closing thoughts.

Here’s what we explored:

There were some great conversations on some of these posts. If you missed any, be sure to check them out.

There seemed to be a lot of agreement from other Children’s Pastors in response to these posts. I expected as much since I wrote these based on personal frustrations as well as hearing first hand what others have been frustrated about. However, the point of this series wasn’t to complain to publishers. We have a symbiotic relationship with publishers and if we don’t tell them what we want, they won’t produce what we want. I know of at least three publishers who were reading this series, so hopefully the conversations happening around these topics have given them things to consider.

Most importantly of all, communicate with your publisher. Tell them what you like and what you don’t like, it’s the only way your publishers will have the feedback necessary to build your dream curriculum.