big_orange A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my exposure to “family ministry.” I wasn’t 100% sure, but I had a feeling that this is what the Orange Conference was all about. I ordered a DVD a few weeks ago and I was right… so some degree. It was really so much more.

I feel like there is somewhat of a shroud of mystery surrounding Orange. I’m not sure if this in intentional or if it’s because the movement is still so new. They certainly have many people attending their conference, so it’s not like their hurting or anything. However, I’m not sure everyone knows what Orange really is. I’ve spoken to many people who think it’s just another conference. Who wouldn’t want to attend a conference with some of the biggest names in student and children’s ministry? There are a lot of big conferences out there, but this one seems to be very different.

I think that most would agree that the Purpose Driven model significantly impacted the church. I’ve seen polls where most pastors surveyed had “The Purpose Driven Church” ranked in the top 5 most influential books (the poll was taken about 6-10 years ago). Today we look around and see purpose driven churches everywhere or at least churches with purpose driven components. It was a movement that we’re still experiencing today.

I think Orange is another model/philosophy like the Purpose Driven model. It doesn’t by any means replace the Purpose Driven Model, but in many ways it strengthens it. It’s a philosophy/model that fits where we are as a church today and solves the problems many of us face in our churches. So, if you’re looking for a conference – there’s so many to choose from. If you’re looking to have your concept for ministry radically changed – check out Orange!

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