There’s a brilliant article over at Collide magazine about why design matters in the church. A few weeks ago I did a little series on how to improve your design and one of the posts was “why you should care.” I don’t know if I was nearly as eloquent as Collide, so definitely give it a read. My favorite part is in the intro.

…you’re probably convinced that design matters. I mean, it just does. After all, when something is ugly, confusing, vague, misleading, or malfunctioning— when something is poorly designed—we instinctively want to grimace, look away, or flee the premises altogether. If bad design is bad, it stands to reason that good design is good. But why, specifically, is good design good for the Church?

Too often these are the very words I’ll describe signs, posters, postcards and other forms of media I find in Children’s Ministry. Ugly. Confusing. Misleading. Malfunctioning. Poorly designed.

Click here to read the post at Collide.