Well, this week I’m getting the word out. I’ve been really quite for the last several months about Illuminate. Why? Because there have been way too many moving parts and I’ve been working like crazy to get it to all come together. We had some events move around and although registration opened months ago and already, hundreds of people are registered for 2013 events, today is the day that I’m publicly launching Illuminate on the interwebs. Yes, it’s time! If you haven’t been there in a while, roll on over to illuminateconference.tv

So, what can you expect this year? Last year was pretty awesome. We had just over 1000 people participate in three different cities. This year, we’re turning the “awesome” dial up and I’m pretty sure we’re going to do some pretty incredible stuff. Let me list off the reasons for why Illuminate is going to rock:

  • First of all, regional conferences for volunteers are so cool. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in your volunteers in a way that empowers them to serve 53% longer* than they would have had they not attended a regional conference?
  • We’re doing an Illuminate in Memphis, TN. Yes, that’s two events in one state. Why? Because Tennessee is that big… and awesome.
  • We’re doing an Illuminate in Fort Lauderdale, FL, No, it’s not because I needed an excuse to go to FL, but it is convenient that the event is in early March… hmmmm.
  • Although Jim Wideman is leading breakouts in Nashville and Memphis (which is awesome all on its own), I have Sue Miller and Reggie Joiner** giving the keynotes this year.
  • There will be 30+ incredible (and unique) breakouts given by 20 different communicators who are amazing leaders!

I think that’s enough for now. Tomorrow I’ll share some more incredible reasons for you to get excited about Illuminate!

* Like most statistics, I made this one up. 🙂 But I’m pretty sure that if you invest in your volunteers, you’ll keep them for longer.
** Reggie will be the keynote speaker at the Austin event this year.. sorry, I called dibs for Austin.

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