As I said yesterday, I think the best place to locate a ministry job is through the network you’ve created. However, depending on the situation you are in, you might need to exhaust all available options. If that’s the case, you need to spend some time on the ministry job boards. Landing that next job might be a little combination of utilizing your network along with searching the job boards. So many churches put available positions out there, so look regularly. Here are a few of the sites I’d recommend:

There are more than just these though, you just need to look around and wee what there is.

In addition there are a handful of ministry search firms, one of which is the Shepherd’s Staff. I had a pretty phenomenal experience with them. There were several churches that I had made connections with about a possibly position, but it was them that brought me to Gateway, and I’m really happy about that.

Another place to search are Christian university websites. Many of them have career centers and job boards, specifically if they’re connected to a certain denomination. I’ve tracked down some great leads in the past from those job boards in particular. Another place to look is on the websites of specific churches. A lot of your larger churches that actually have someone on staff than handles HR will usually post open jobs on the website. So, if there are 10-20 churches that you follow that you know would be the kind of church you’d love to work at, check their websites every week just to see if something is open. It could be that there’s an open position that would at least get you on the team with room to grow.

Hopefully this will give you a place to look every few days. However, don’t neglect the process of networking. Searching the job forums is the “easy” fix, but for long term success, CONNECT!