Okay, I’m going a little old school here. I’m looking for some really good “old-fashion” Bible Songs. Cheesy instrumentation is okay. Before you disown me and unsubscribe from this blog, let me explain… please. 🙂

Every night when I put Titus to bed, we read from his Bible and something that has been significant is singing together. For close to a month, we read the story of Joshua and Jericho because he really likes the song. I know that he’s learning the story and falling in love with his time in the Bible even more because he loves singing the songs. A few weeks later we started reading the story of Zacchaeus and he really likes that song as well. This week, we’ve been reading Daniel and the Lions Den, but I don’t know a song for that. However, I know that there are hundreds of simple Bible Songs and maybe there’s one about Daniel and the Lions Den.

So, do you know of a great resource for simple Bible Songs? Simple is okay, we just need to learn them some we can sing them during our Bible time. If the music is a little cooler and up-to-date, then that’s a bonus… but I’m not interested in techno or rap versions of these songs… my son is 3. 🙂