Okay, my first big request. For Summer Camp I’m using “Chase the Light” curriculum from Orange. Let me tell you, it’s incredible. If you’re looking for some good camp curriculum, some curriculum for the summer break or anything special like that, you can’t go wrong with Chase the Light. I’ve had so much for preparing my messages and I’m excited to speak on these issues in particular. I think it’s going to be a life-changing week for hundreds of kids.

So, the first message in the curriculum is about the wise men who traveled to see Jesus. I’m doing a bit of a fun intro at the beginning and I thought that it would be fun to have those light-up plastic wise men that people loved to put in their yards in the 80’s.. and some of them even now. I was going to set the scene and do it in a funny way explaining how there probably wasn’t just 3 wise men and how they didn’t arrive at the manger scene… just a little historical background information. I thought it would be fun to do with the plastic wise men.

However, what I’ve learned is that these these wise men have become vintage. What you used to be able to buy at KMart for 10-20 bucks will now set you back $40 or $50. So, I figured that I’d throw this out to the wider Kidmin community. Does anyone have some wise men. I could actually use Mary, Joseph and Jesus too… but I need at least 4… maybe 6 individual wise men plastic illuminated things. I’ll be glad to pay for shipping and I’d be glad to ship them back to you. I know that some of you have them in your attics… or your parents do. Let me know!