Screen shot 2010-03-15 at 1.23.11 AMThe other day I headed over to Phil Vischer’s site (since I subscribe to his blog). He was writing about some of the reviews he has gotten surrounding his new DVD series “What’s in the Bible.” One review in particular was written by the Book Center at the Dallas Theological Seminary. It’s a great review. I’m really glad a seminary chose to do a review on a children’s ministry DVD. Kevin Stern, the author of the review, called the DVDs two of the most life-changing titles this year. That’s awesome!

Then came the part that drives me nuts. The comments, which I can only assume are seminary students. Click here to read the comments.

Seriously! The reviewer just wrote a glowing review about a much needed resource in the world of Children’s Ministry which really could provide a dynamic tool for parents to engage with their kids in biblical discussion and two of the three comments seemed to be wrapped up in concerns about creation not being portrayed as a literal event or following Augustine’s viewpoint on creation. I’m a huge fan of theology and making sure that doctrine is right and accurate, but is this getting a little ridiculous? When I was at my Christian university, I’d seem to always pass by the same group of students who were eternally locked in debate about deep spiritual issues. As pure as their motives seemed to be, they always seemed to be more engaged in religious debate rather than ministry in action. I’m not saying this is who these commenters are, but comments like these seem to deflate the positive nature of this post, a glowing review.

I haven’t yet watched the DVDs. I’m sure I’ll like them and I’m sure the portrayal of the creation story is one that won’t insult my child’s intelligence or spoil his doctrinal viewpoints of Genesis.