Sorry about the title, but I wanted to get your attention. It may have been a little extreme, but it does tie in… kind of.

I’m writing an article about the relationship between children’s pastors and student pastors. Interesting subject, huh? I’m pretty much done with the article, but I’d love to gather some data around one element I wrote about. So, would you answer the single question below describing the relationship between your student ministry and children’s ministry. First, let me define the relationships:

Dysfunction Junction: You totally don’t get along. There is virtually no relationship. Communication is non-existent, dismissive or even hostile.

Mutual Existence: The relationship between your two ministries is healthy. There is a respect for each other, maybe even friendship. Although respect is present, the ministries don’t really work together, culture, values and practices are different.

Integrated Partnership: The two ministries work together on many projects. Resources and ideas are shared freely and both ministries work together toward a common goal.

So, which description best describes this relationship at your church? (feel free to be honest, votes are anonymous. I promise… I won’t… or can’t… send the results to your student pastor.)

In order to get good results, I need data. Pass this post/poll on to others to answer so we can get some good information about the state student ministry / children’s ministry relations.