I have to introduce you to my new designer. His name is Don-E. Yeah, that’s a strange way to spell a name, but if that’s how he want’s to do it, that’s fine by me. He operates a design company called Donkey Designs and over the past several weeks, I’ve been keeping him really busy.

Here’s why you would want to use Donkey Design.

  1. He’s fast. Really fast. I’ll tell you more about that below.
  2. He’s affordable. Really affordable. I was quite amazed by the prices when I saw them at first.
  3. He’s a ministry guy. He’s worked in the church for many years, so he knows about budget constraints, timelines and what you’re trying to do. It can be hard working with a secular company that doesn’t get what you’re trying to go after.
  4. He’s really, really good. When I first opened his design guide… my jaw hit the floor. He’s a gifted artist.
So, if you’re not into reading my rambling text, feel free to click here and visit his site.
Now for the context. It was a week before I was sending 100 students to youth camp and taking 100 kids to kids camp. I was behind and I hadn’t yet ordered/designed a shirt of the students. On Tuesday night, I got an email from a guy who wanted information on serving in the student ministry. I didn’t really have time to connect with a potential volunteer until after camp, but I noticed his email address. I saw that he was a designer and visited his website. I emailed him back right away to set up a meeting the next morning. My hope was that he could possibly get started on the student shirts and have them for us by the time the students came back from camp. I pitched my idea to him. He replied, “So, when do you leave for camp?” I replied, “Early Tuesday morning.” He followed, “How many shirts do you need?” I answered, “About 150.” With a smile, he said, I could have you 2000 shirts by Tuesday.”
I felt the need to correct him. It was Wednesday. We didn’t even have a design yet. Monday was the 4th of July and we would leave before9 9:00 AM on the 5th. He didn’t change his tune. Later that day I sent him some ideas and by 7:00 PM he had a final design for me. By 7:00 PM the next day, I met him at a McDonalds to pick up my 150 shirts. Maybe he was just being nice to me, but I didn’t pay anymore than I would have paid at some of the other vendors I’ve used around town.
He’s come on as a sponsor at Illuminate for me and he actually designed and did the layout for my conference book, which you’ll see soon. Best of all, he designed a new look/logo for Illuminate and when I first saw it, I wet my pants a little. Okay, I didn’t, but I wanted to.
Check it out.
So, be sure you check out what Donkey can design or print for your ministry. You’ll be very pleased with the work and even more pleased with the price!