stupidIf you didn’t catch it yet, read my first post about not being stupid yesterday. This series is a no nonsense approach about compromising situations that may cost you everything.

Disclaimer: I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. That’s okay. Feel free to comment and let me know why you disagree. I may disagree with you further or we may just agree to disagree. That’s okay. Many of the things I’m addressing in my posts are my opinions and my personal rules and philosophies. Do with them what you want.

But here’s what is most important. You’re too important to throw it all away. There aren’t enough of us doing what we do and to lose you becasue of a compromising (stupid) situation makes me angry. The things I write about might “cramp your style.” So what. This world needs you too much. We can’t afford to lose you to sexual misconduct or even just an allegation. Your calling is too precious. We protect the things that are important to us. Likewise, we should be more protective of our callings.

You may not change anything you do after reading this, but hopefully it will cause you to at least rethink the way you approach certain situations. The enemy is looking for ANYTHING to remove you and your influence. Don’t give him an opportunity.