stupidIf you already, read my disclaimer about this series. This series is a no nonsense approach about compromising situations that may cost you everything.

Don’t live a life without accountability.

I forgot how important this was! I had so much accountability around my life through high school and college. However, once I went into full time ministry I no longer had any real accountability in my life. It wasn’t until a year and a half ago when I interviewed at Gateway and another church in Nashville that anyone asked me how my relationship with God was. I’d served at three churches previously and I’d never been asked. Two of the churches did do things at times that were conducive to growth, but there was no accountability.

Now I’m surrounded with accountability and I’m growing more than I have in years. My wife has told me on several occasions that I’m becoming a better version of myself. I do attribute that to the accountability I live under.

There have been many years of ministry where I was starving spiritually and I really didn’t have much inward or outward motivation to change. Accountability is a good thing. It drives us to improve and protects us from doing something utterly foolish. I’ve done it both ways and I’m resolved that I will not ministry outside the umbrella of acountability again. You shouldn’t either.

What really prompted me to write this post was watching a video of Ted and Gale Haggard at Elevate Church. Here was a guy who was a significant leader in THE CHURCH. He had something he had been struggling with for years. Unfortunately for him, his family and his church, he didn’t have the propper accountability to keep him out of danger.

You know exactly what kind of accountability you need. You know what your struggle is. You know what could lead to your downfall. Too often we’re afraid for anyone else to know what that struggle is. Ironically, someone else knowing could be the very thing keeping you from falling. You know where you need accountability. Don’t be stupid. Invite someone in before it’s too late!