If you already, read my disclaimer about this series. This series is a no nonsense approach about compromising situations that may cost you everything.

Okay, I’m done. As my friend Sam Luce would say, I’m done “Bustin’ your chops!”

I felt these posts needed to be written. Why? Because we have the uncanny ability to be stupid. Many times in our lives have we shaken our heads and said, “how could I have been so stupid?” or “that was so stupid!” Really. Even with our complexity and ability to do some pretty incredible things, we certainly can be stupid.

The really stupid thing though is not talking about it. An affair could be one decision away. Many people never intended to have an affair. They just made poor (stupid) decisions and one thing led to another. Our ministry and influence can be lost or severely tarnished by an inappropriate situation with another person or with a child. The crazy thing is that all of these things can be totally avoided. There could be a 100% success rate. It’s through honest and realistic accountability.

So, let’s do this together. Let’s avoid the stupidity of foolish decisions and compromising situations. Let’s be open and honest with those who are close to us and create realistic boundaries that will keep us safe. let’s attempt to be smart!