stupidLast week Ryan Frank wrote about the steps that lead to adultry. Man, I’m so glad he wrote that. It’s something all of us need to hear and something that isn’t communicating often enough.

If you haven’t read it, do it now. No seriously, do it now.

I’d been thinking about a series of posts dedicated to the compromising situations that we sometimes get ourselves into. Ryan inspired me to go ahead and get these posts out.

I’m going to be a little more blunt than normal only because these issues can change our lives forever… not in the good way.

So, have you read Ryan’s post yet?

If you read it and have said to yourself, that will never happen to me or that could never happen to me, I’ve got news for you. You’re stupid.

Yeah, that’s right. I just called you stupid. I’ve too many heroes in my life, heroes in the faith lose it all becasue of an inappropriate relationship. Some of them incredibly deceptive lasting for years and some of them being a chance opportunity that ruined everything. Everyone of those people would tell you that they never expected it to happen to them. But it did and it rocked their worlds. I know I shouldn’t compare, but when I look at them and then I look at me I realized that if they could mess it all up, I could to. The enemy would love nothing more to ruin my impact for the kingdom by destroying my reputation and family.

If you’re smart, you’ll read that list again and put up safeguards to keep you from getting in compromising situations. Be careful. Don’t be stupid.