So, Orange 2010 is officially over now. Unfortunately, I’m not even done blogging my experiences from the first day. More than any other year, Orange has been like drinking from a fire hydrant. Creative ideas and challenges from breakouts. Powerful message content from the main stage. Incredible people to meet and talk to in the hallways. Early mornings and late nights hanging out with staff and friends. On top of all of this, my brain is running at 100 MPH thinking about all the things I’ve learned and want to process.

That’s why I’m about two days behind.

Don’t worry, I’ll catch up. I’m not going home until Monday morning, so I should wrap up all my Orange posts before Monday morning. However, I’m sure you’ll be reading Orange inspired thoughts from me in the near and distant future.

My hat is off to the reThink group for another amazing conference (and I don’t even wear hats). It was that good!

If you didn’t come in 2010, make plans to come next year. Hey look, you can even register here.