That’s a title that will get attention!

Two weeks ago at Orange, I attended a breakout with Nancy Ortberg about creating healthy conflict. I sat amazed about this new paradigm (I thought we were all supposed to get along). Apparently we’re supposed to duke it out in staff meeting. I like it!

After the breakout I asked Nancy for more information. I wanted to grow in this area. She gave me the names of three books. So that week I went to the bookstore and came home with five (not sure how that happened exactly). So far I’ve read two. Death by Meeting and the Five Dysfunctions of Team. Incredible books. I’ve heard of Death by Meeting and a previous employer recommended the Five Dysfunctions. Both books have encouraged me in many ways, especially as I’m new to my organization. I’ve been leading meeting for years, yet no one every taught me how to lead a meeting. I’ve lead teams for years and several of my teams have had some forms of dysfunction. Now I feel much better equipped to lead both teams and meetings in a slightly different way.

So, if you lead teams and meetings, you’ll love these books. There’s a common bond between them and I’m sure they’ll help you in your situation. Soon I’ll blog about each of these books in detail.

I’m curious though. Is there anyone out there who has read these books and applied them to your work? How has that turned out?