Okay, I’ve need a little outside inspiration. I’ve been thinking about changing the names of two rooms in our Early Childhood area. So, here are our existing rooms.

2 & 3 year old classrooms

  • Tumbleweed Trail
  • Little Lagoon
  • Kids Kingdom
  • Asteroid Alley

4 year old – kindergarten classrooms

  • Beach Boulevard
  • Amazon Avenue
  • Treehouse Trail
  • City Circle

    Okay, here’s my dilema. The last four rooms are classrooms we added in January and they’re part of Kids Quest Backyard. They all have street themes. When we opened these rooms, Tumbleweed Trail has been previously retired, but we opened it back up again in February. So, we have two rooms that end with “trail.” Also, Asteroid Alley is a feeder room to Amazon Avenue. People are constantly mixing these up and it sometimes causes confusion. People accidently say Amazon Alley or Asteroid Avenue and so we don’t really know what room a person is talking about.

    So, here is where I need help. The Backyard names are new and since they’re tied both to room themes (murals) and the street theme, it’s going to be harder to change them. So, I think that Tumbleweed Trail and Asteroid Alley may be the ones that need new names.

    Tumbleweed Trail – It has a wild west theme to it. It has a cactus on the wall with other western type theme elements. In my head I’m even thinking “Cactus Canyon.” But, I’m open to all kinds of ideas.

    Asteroid Alley – To be honest, this is my favorite room. It has a spaceship look. The walls are black with stars and planets all around and there is a rocket ship in the corner. So, I need a fun name to replace this as well. Think exciting destination. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the first and second letter of the room need to start with the same letter.