I broke my Sabbath rule this week. Yeah, I’m blaming it on Easter. Sara and I have been celebrating an actual 24 hour (at least) sabbath rest every weekend for the last 6 weeks or so. We had Saturday services this Easter, so I headed up to the church at noon to get ready.It was supposed to rain and we were supposed to take family Easter portraits, so I went up early enough to figure out exactly where we would take pictures I also went up early to finish setting up Fellowship One as I had to create new activities and schedules for Easter services.

At 5:00, we had a HUGE crowd, I wasn’t expecting the turnout. We had some lag issues with Fellowship One which caused a little bit of a backup in our check-in lines. However, we had great volunteer coverage and the service went great.
Our 6:30 service was much smaller for kids, but it too went off great.
We took family portraits after both of these services and the families seemed to really enjoy them.
I went home and crashed hard.
About 30 minutes before the 9:00 service began, it started raining… HARD!
I was having issues with three classrooms in Fellowship One and started to panic a little… then it worked itself out.
Attendance for the 9:00 service was light as we expected and this was the service I got to attend.
The sun came out in full glory for the 10:45 service and so did the people. It was pretty packed.
I wasn’t expecting this, but the 12:30 service as also HUGE. I was amazed. We offered family portraits after this service and everyone loved them. Oh, we also had more visitors at 12:30 than any other service.
After the services were over, I took the family to an Easter Egg hunt at a friends house. It was the perfect end to a great weekend!

Easter at Gateway was so much fun. We had over 1100 kids with almost 8,000 in total. In big church, they performed a Rock Opera which included music from U2 and Radiohead. It was an amazing service… powerful and emotional. I still can’t believe I work at a church like this!!!