Okay, Easter is only 26 days away now… you better get busy. Yesterday I shared a bunch of free (and links to high quality paid) graphics and slides to enhance your Easter experience. Today, I’d like to share some incredible media that could enhance your Easter services in a major way. The resources I’ve gathered below are from Worship House Media and Worship House Kids. There are literally hundreds of other resources on their respective sites. It’s a great time to be in ministry, so many great resources to choose from.

The Son Rose

Theatrical “trailer” for your Easter service. Very high energy, intense scoring and a good recap of the Easter story. Would be a great addition to an older elementary audience.

Son of Man

A very powerful and well animated wordless mini movie that recaps the final days of Jesus. The movie artistically connects events from Jesus’ ministry with the final moments before his crucifixion. I really love this video. It goes on to tell the story all the way until his ascension to heaven… but the video could probably be faded out if you wanted to end it with the resurrection.

Is that Really in the Easter Story?

This is a simple and fun video that invites kids to participate in a little “yes or no” game where they can should out their answers as the questions are displayed on the screen. This video would be better used for a transition or pre-service for younger elementary kids.

Betrayal, Last Supper, Gethsemane

This is a very cool teaching video telling part of the Easter story through sand art. I know, sounds weird, but an artist creates the scenes as the story is being told. It’s a five minute segment and they offer several segments which tell the whole story. I’d suggest using one of these segments (maybe two) along with a live story teller to unpack the Easter story.

Easter Egg Countdown

This is a fun little two minute countdown that would work great for younger elementary down to early childhood.

Egg Countdown

Easter is Now Countdown

A very unique, high energy countdown for Easter. The countdown is primary phrases along with reminders of how much time until the service begins. It’s probably more geared toward an adult audience, but it has a great energy and could possibly be pulled off for a preteen audience.

Easter Sunrise Countdown

A traditional five minute countdown of a view of an open tomb with intense theatrical type music… I’d use this with any elementary age for sure.

Sunrise Coutndown

A Very Special Easter

This is an awesome video talking about easter eggs, the bunny and Jesus as told by a bunch of kids. It’s one of those movies that is funny and heartwarming all at the same time. This is a great film to use with adult, but kids will like it too. I really enjoyed this video.