Okay. I think this this my last post in this two week series of technologically heavy posts (I think). I actually came across the little slide show below several months ago. It’s not outdated, but there are now other web application out there now that could also be included in this presentation.

Here’s where we are. The multi-site model of doing ministry is exploding. Members of the same teams are sitting in offices spanning cities and even states. Even though I was only 15 minutes away from one of our campuses, sometimes a few weeks would go by without even seeing the CP at that campus. So, we need the tools to effectively work together when we are apart. This is Enterprise 2.o. Most of the tools listed in this presentation are free (or very low cost). See how it may change the way you collaborate!Where are we headed? I think we’ll spend more time collaborating “apart.” Here is what I’m waiting for. I’m waiting to see 4, 6, or even 12 children’s pastors from across the country (perhaps even the world) collaborate on a project together. Maybe it will be an event, maybe it would be a kids church series. The beauty of multi-site is when several children’s staff get together to collaborate on a project. Why couldn’t multiple children’s pastors (maybe those who don’t have the luxury of being part of a multi-site team) work together to produce something better than they ever could on their own. A team of 5-10 each brining their own unique gifts and talents to the table. Maybe that’s Children’s Ministry 2.0.