Us who serve and lead ministry to kids are in the business of life-change. It’s such a privilege. Many of us may not even know the impact we’ve had. However, I think there’s something even bigger for us than being the change agent that you are right now. Watch this video real quick and then I’ll tell you what that is… and I dare you not to cry during this video. It’s powerful!

So, what’s bigger than changing a life?

Helping a child change a life!

Let me explain. Compassion International is one of the organizations that has partnered with Illuminate this year. It’s an incredible ministry that has literall rescued more than a million children from poverty in Jesus name. Sponsoring a child through Compassion is an incredible thing to do. Essentially, you’d be doing what you already do as a kidmin leader, but just in a more holistic way on the other side of the planet.

But even bigger that this is the opportunity you have through an organization like Compassion. What would happen if you sit down with your own kids and together as a family, you rescued a child from poverty? What if you were to let your child pick out whose life they wanted to save? Maybe you’re a small group leader or Sunday school teacher. What if you decided to make this a mission project of your group, letting the kids pick out a child, write letters and raise funds for the sponsorship? Saving a child from poverty is huge, but empowering a child to save a child from poverty is POWERFUL!

I remember when I came back from my first (on my own) mission trip as a 16 year old. I came home with a perspective that changed me forever. For the first time in my life, I’d been used by God and I knew that the world would be different because I DID SOMETHING! I’m telling you, this alone changed my life. We can teach kids Bible stories and how to memorize verses, which are all excellent things to do, but nothing can compare to giving a child the opportunity to change someone’s life.

Check out Compassion International right here and consider sponsoring a child this holiday season!