bjheadshotThis is a simple truth I’ve learned over the past year. Everyone does do better with a coach. I’ve learned this through personal experience. I’ve just entered my second year of Infuse with Jim Wideman and he’s helping me be a better version of myself. There’s little debate over what Jim’s accomplished over the 30 years of ministry to kids. His track record is nothing short of amazing. However, I’ve picked up very few tips and tricks from him that I can apply in Children’s Ministry (although he’s been a great source of wisdom there). What I’ve picked up from Jim this last year is how to be a better leader, how to better redeem the time I have each day, and I can better serve my church. I’ve grown in many ways and it’s becasue I’ve had a coach speaking into my life week after week through Infuse.

If you want to go to the next level in personal leadership, take a good look at having Jim coach you through Infuse. It’s probably best way you can spend any “personal development” funds this year. Click here to read more about what Infuse is all about.