Last week someone sent me a VCard with a group of contacts. If you’re not sure what a VCard is, click here. Essentially, someone was sharing with me a group of contacts that I needed their contact info from, but I didn’t necessarily want to add them all into my general address book. So, how do you get all the contacts off of a VCard into something handy… like a CSV or spreadsheet? Here’s how I did it (sorry, I’m a Mac user, so if you’re on a PC, I’m sure there is a way… I just don’t know how).

I initially tried to import the VCard (which has a file extension of VCF) directly into excel. That didn’t seem to work. When I selected “Open With,” one of the only programs my computer suggested was Address Book. I don’t use address book, but I figured that this would do the trick. Since I’ve not used address book before, all the contacts fromt he VCard populated my address book. Even if you do use address book, I’m pretty sure you can import the VCard into a group and later delete the group after you get the contacts you need.

I did a quick Google search and found a free utility called “Address Book Exporter 2.1.2.” Since the only contacts in my address books were the contents of this VCard, I just exported the entire address book; however, you can address individual groups. It simply exported into a txt file that I could open in Excel with each contact in individual cells. Perfect!

So, if you ever find yourself in my situation, hopefully this solution will work for you as well.