I don’t even remember where I came across this this video, but I watched it yesterday and its totally a video that everyone in kidmin needs to see. But what if I’m not portable? Watch it anyway. It might challenge the methods you’re using to reach those who are far from God.

It’s amazing how HUGE portable churches are. Across the nation, thousands of long established churches are dying and fading in influence and thousands of new churches are springing up in schools and movie theaters. I think that it’s the influence of multi-site efforts and the growth of non-denominational church planting. It’s a cool thing. However, I think that this video puts its finger on a very important topic. Many pastors and kids pastors talk about the frustrations of portable church and their longing to eventually have a building of their own. I think that when slipping into that mindset, there’s a greater issue that’s easily missed. Many people who are coming to the portable church simply because it’s not in a church building. Actually, the people who we should be reaching are those who are more likely to come to a portable church set up in a school or theater.

Rather than dreaming of the building as the end goal (and it still might be a part of the goal), dream about more portable campuses that are done with such excellence and fully resourced to be as good (if not better) than any permanent facility. For those of you wondering what kidmin can look like in a portable environment, check out the video.