Do You Need More Volunteers?
The heartbeat of EVERY ministry is the volunteer team. This is why we spend so much time recruiting. As long as there is ministry, there will be volunteer recruiting.

Know what is really frustrating though? When you recruit someone to join your team, but they don’t actually ever make it to the volunteer roster.

They said they wanted to serve, but three months later..

They still haven’t attended your new volunteer orientation
They haven’t filled out a volunteer application
They changed their mind about serving
They stopped returning your emails

As frustrating as this is, there is always a percentage of POTENTIAL volunteers who never quite make the team.

But, what if you could change that percentage? What if you could minimize the number of people who don’t make it to your volunteer team? If you could, you’d have more volunteers, right? We’ve discovered a few simple tweaks to your onboarding process that will actually convert more potential volunteers into permanent volunteers. Without actually changing anything about how you RECRUIT, these ONBOARDING HACKS will effectively net you MORE volunteers.

Download the Five Volunteer Onboarding Hacks