I just realized this weekend that all my feed subscribers seem to have disappeared. Not sure what that is about. Looks like it’s been like this for almost a week. Since it’s been a week since I’ve posted on this site, I’m not even sure if the service is working or not… like delivering feeds. I’m not super concerned, as there have been days in the past where the feed has shown zero, but this is a little longer than ever before.

I started doing a little investigation and found a few things.

First of all, you can log into feedburner and go to September 17th (the last day this worked) and export your stats and email subscribers. This might be a bit of a backup plan… in case things don’t get fixed. You won’t have lost everything.

Second of all, my investigation brought some concerns. It seems that Google has become negligent with Feedburner. They’ve stopped updating it, they’ve abandoned the blog and twitter accounts and have apparently announced that they’re shutting down the feedburner API at the end of October. Many suspect that feedburner will continue to work, but there’s not clarity because Google hasn’t really said much other than the announcement that they’re shutting down the API. Okay… this is a little concerning.

The paid service Feed Blitz has written extensively about the feedburner issue and offer a simple migration guide to their services… which I am looking into. I don’t love the idea of paying for something suddenly that I’ve gotten for free for so many years, but I’m looking into my options now. If you know of other great feed services, please let me know. I guess I have a due date to come up with a good solution… and I guess that many of you do to.