So we’re a little over a week from 2010. It’s going to be a big year… I can already tell. It’s got some nice even numbers. 2010. I like it. Let’s see… we’ll do another census here in the US. Those are always really exciting. I think the Winter Games are even scheduled for this year. Oh, I’ll turn 33. It’s even cooler than turning 22.

Okay, all that stuff isn’t really that big of a deal unless you work for the census bureau , unless you’re an Olympic athlete going to the games or you’re turning 33 as well. But the biggest thing I can think of about 2010 is the potential it holds for my life. I remember many years ago someone telling me that through this journey as a Christ follower, ever year should be better than the previous. Better in the sense that I’ve grown in my walk with the Lord or my relationship with him is closer. Although I heard that 10-12 years ago, I can’t honestly say that each year since then has been better than the previous when it comes to my relationship with God. I think there were some years where things even took a turn for the worse.

However, the past two years have been great. I have been growing in my faith more than I have had in years past and I can tell you that I’m really excited about 2010. As 2009 is wrapping up, I’ve had several things I’ve been thinking about in the form of resolutions. Then last week I read this blog post and I’m rethinking the whole “resolution” thing. I’ll probably have some goals, but I’m looking into developing a vision map and life theme for 2010. I’ll let you know what I come up with. Like I said, I’m really excited about 2010. Are you? Do you have goals/objectives/resolutions for 2010? What does your process for this look like?