Well, yesterday I got to enjoy the Orange One Day event in DFW, Texas. Hands down, it was the best one yet.

I’ve got a little advice for you.

  1. Do whatever you can do attend the Orange Conference. It’s an incredible conference for you and your team. Click here to register.
  2. Make plans to attend an Orange One Day event. Period.

What if there isn’t an Orange One Day near me?

Buy a plane ticket, fly there and go. It’s only $55 or so and your expenses shouldn’t be too bad for a quick one day thing. Do it!

Here’s why I like the Orange One Day event so much. It’s like extra pulpy orange juice… like there’s a lot of meaty flavor in it. No, even better, it’s like Orange Juice concentrate. It’s super strong. Seriously, I love the Orange Conference. It’s a great conference with a lot of voices with many experiences. Every speaker is not going to speak on the Orange Strategy specifically, but it does all fit within the context. However, the Orange One Day is super large does of the Orange strategy given to you directly by Reggie Joiner, Sue Miller and Carey Nieuwhof.

If you didn’t hit the Orange Tour this year, you’ve probably missed your chance. Their last stop is in Orlando next week. However, I’d highly encourage you to make one of the tour stops next year. It’s very different from the Orange Conference, but such a powerful experience. I’m fortunate that the tour is close enough, I could bring a bunch of my volunteer leaders as well as my staff.

Next week I’ll blog from my notes, so many great things I look forward to sharing.