Last year when I was helping my parents with their tax business we attempted a marketing strategy. We printed coupons for tax returns on post-it note pads. They were sharp. The idea was for them to get posted on car windows in parking lots. We ordered 12,500 notes, or 500 individual pads. Unfortunately I only had time to utilize 1200-1500 notes… so they have a lot for next year. They got 4 or 5 clients from the notes I distributed which easily paid for the $200 expense for the pads. I kept this information stored away for when I would need it again.

We’re launching a campaign in our church next month that every area of our church will be engaged in. I’ll talk more about that next week. For one of the ways we’re going to experience this church-wide even with the kids requires these sticky notes. So I ordered 500 pads yesterday. They take 5 working days to print and since they’re located only about 80 miles form here, we should get have them in house just a day or two later.

So for a little over $200 I am getting 500 note pads (with 25 individual notes each). The pads I ordered are 4″x3″ pads with full color printing. I’ve only done a graphical layout for these note pads but I’ve been very, very impressed with the quality of the product. Here is what our sticky notes look like:


If you want to see who I use our what else they produce, visit their web site here.