Picture 5Here at Gateway we just wrapped up a five week series on sex. I guess it’s kinda the series churches are trying to hit, huh? I haven’t really listened to any other church’s series on sex, so I can’t really compare. What I can say is that I’m incredibly impressed with Gateway’s presentation of this series. Since coming to Gateway, I feel like I’ve hit the “sex” issue head on more so than any other church I’ve been at. Maybe it’s the people here at Gateway or maybe it’s just that people are more willing to talk about it here as compared to other places I’ve been. I’m in constant conversations with volunteers who are dealing with sexual relationships in their lives. I’m also counseling many couples for marriage who have been sexually active that have committed to abstinence until they are married. There’s nothing like meeting someone for the first or second time and then diving directly into really personal stuff like this. So, these issues are big deals here at Gateway, so this series provides a wealth of information for our church as well as resources for our leaders. Here are the messages.

This message explored God’s design for sex.

This message explored sex within the marriage. Click here for a video illustration that went with this message.

This message explored how singles need to deal with sex. Click here for a powerful video about two singles dealing with their relationship.

This message explored unfaithful sex, specifically where the roots set in that lead to unfaithfulness. Click here to read a letter from a former porn star who describes what the porn industry is really like.

This message explored homosexual sex. Click here to view the video of this message.