It’s been a very busy summer. The week I got here I shared with my elementary production director (my only staff member in the elementary area) my vision for what elementary ministry would look like in the fall. It would look almost completely different from anything I had ever done as well. So we’ve been working very hard all summer to build new teams to launch our new program. Essentially we doubled our volunteer force already (it had gotten pretty skimpy) and I’d say we still have about 20 more people to fill out our teams. So this is what it looks like now.

Elementary Production

We have four production teams. Each team consists of a leader, two actors, two worship leaders and two tech/A/V volunteers.Each team works one Sunday a month. The team that is serving that weekend will meet one day that week for a two hour rehearsal and then they will serve all three services on Sunday. Then they have the rest of the month off.

Elementary Small Groups

We divide our kids into grade and gender groups and place a leader in each of those groups. Some grade/gender groups are big enough for two groups.These small group leaders serve during just one of our services, but they server every week.

Subs and General Help

We’ve got several other people who can’t commit to serve every week or all services in one weekend or they may not meet our qualifications to be a leader. The General help volunteer help greet at the doors, make sure small group leaders have what they need and help out where ever else they are needed. Subs just jump in and sub where a small group leader is absent.

These are our roles right now. We have pretty much doubled our volunteer force in the last three months; however, we are still short close to 20 volunteers. Here our our current needs:

Top needs

  • 4th grade girls small group leader at 9:30
  • 5th grade boys small group leader at 11:00
  • 2nd grade boys co-small group leader at 11:00
  • 4th grade girls co-small group leader at 11:00

Secondary needs

During our 9:00 service, I have two groups where I am missing a leader but subs who work every other week are co-owning a group. Here is where I need a permanent leaders.

  • 1st grade boys at 9:30
  • 5th grade girls at 9:30

Last but not least

I essentially need 4-5 more small group leaders at our 12:30 service. Getting leaders for this service is like pulling teeth. I have enough general help that we can break out into groups (they aren’t as small as I’d like) but the environment is still really good. I’ve chosen not to really focus on this service as much because it is a small service, it’s really relaxed and not having enough small group leaders isn’t stressing anyone out. However, there is a stress level associated with the holes during the 9:30 and 11:00 service. If I don’t fill them soon, it will created frustration for my other leaders.

So, say a little prayer for us as we continue to find people to step into these roles. I’m using subs to fill these spots, but when I have a leader out because their sick, then I’ll be hurting. I don’t have many leads right now, so we’re going to have to roll up our sleeves, get creative and really depend on the Holy Spirit to show us who is next.