Okay, I just had to post a funny thing that happened today. I have a mid-week small groups for kids program that totally rocks. It’s probably my favorite thing I do all week. Well, on Sunday nights, I have 6 boys in small group with me because their football schedule doesn’t allow them to come on Wednesday nights. The 7 of us meet in my office and we totally have a blast. What I really enjoy are the random comments that come out of these 4th and 5th grade boy’s mouths. Sometimes it is due to miss-communication and other times it is them talking before their brain has a chance to engage.

Tonight there were two funny comments that would only come out of a kid’s mouth. Tonight’s lesson was about the book of Luke. I was explaining that Luke emphasizes how Jesus focused on the social outcasts such as poor people, Samaritans and even lepers. Immediately one kid questioned, “They had leopards in Israel?”

Just a few minutes later, I was explaining how both Luke and Matthew have genealogies. Matthew’s goes back to Abraham and Luke’s goes back to Adam. I asked the boys, “do you know what a genealogy is?” The boy sitting to my immediate right shouted out, “Genies are Evil!”

It was a good laugh that I really needed. Man, I love kids!