Orange’s 252 Basics curriculum is featuring wisdom during the month of November and to tell the story, they’re using the activity of geocaching as a fun way to set up the ideas.

I must admit that I was a little excited about this theming option. Here’s my confession, I’ve been an avid geocacher for almost 9 years. Yes, before they had a cool app for your smart phone, I had a handheld GPS, pages printed from, a pen and a bag of geocaching swag. Although I don’t cache very much anymore (one or two times every month or so), I have caches in 20 states, 6 countries, I’ve logged over 700 caches and have hidden nearly 40. Yes, I’ve even attended a couple of geocaching events.

Those of you who truly know me, this probably comes as no surprise. Ha!

All this to say, I think geocaching goes hand in hand with Children’s Ministry. Over the years, I’ve incorporated geocaching into my ministry on multiple occasions. At summer camps, we’ve hidden multiple caches on camp property and made geocaching one of the activities. Most kids love geocaching. I’ve also used geocaching as an opportunity to connect with a smaller group of kids. Many years ago, I set up an entire week of geocaching during spring break. Every day of Spring Break, we arranged a different set of 5-7 kids to show up at the church at 9:00 AM. We’d then cache for 2-3 hours and end with lunch at a fun restaurant. By the end of the week, 30-40 kids had great fun and relational time with their leaders when they’d normally be board at home.

Still not sure what Geocaching is? Check out the introductory video below: