I got an iPad a little over a year ago and the application I use more than any other on this device is the Kindle app. Because of both the iPad and this App, I’m reading more than I ever have. It’s just too easy and convenient and because I always have either my iPhone or iPad with me, I always have my books.

I love how you can highlight as you’re reading which allows me to boil down the most important parts of the book for later review. Unfortunately, Kindle has made it next to impossible to get these highlights and notes off the device, especially if you’re using the iPad. However, this weekend I came across some instructions on how to take my notes and highlights off the device and it works like a champ. The secret? Evernote.

I downloaded and used Evernote for a few months almost four years ago, but it just never caught on for me. However, in learning how to get my stuff off the Kindle, I think I fell in love with Evernote again.

I’m not going to walk you through the process step by step, but here is the link to Michael Hyatt’s blog where he describes how to do this in detail. Enjoy!