frustrated2Ever have one of those things in the back of your mind that just doesn’t go away? Maybe it’s something you know you should do, but either you don’t want to or it’s not the right time. For me that has been Children’s Ministry Online. As you may know, I’ve been in “transition” for these past few months. That’s fancy speak for “I’ve been unemployed,” which I’ll write about a little later. Once I lost my job, I was double whammy-ed with a loss of a grandmother and a quick move. All of these things got me out of my rhythm to some degree. As I sat down to write a post or two, the inspiration well was dry. It seemed that so much of what I had been writing was an overflow of what I was doing on a regular basis.

So, it’s been a good break, but I’m ready to get back in it. Maybe then this gnawing in the back of my mind will go away! There’s something about being removed (what’s that phrase about not seeing the forest from the trees?). Yeah, I feel like I’ve had some moments of clarity. There were many ideas presented to me while I was in it full time that I just couldn’t get my mind around; however, now that I have the time to think and process I feel that I’ve come to closure on some of those ideas. So overall, it’s been a great break.

Unfortunately, in the 10 months that I’ve been blogging, I’m probably more characterized by my “pauses” in blogging. I’d like to think that having a baby in the middle of a jam-packed summer or getting let go would be great excuses for taking a break. Well, I’m sorry if I let anyone down. Ultimately I’m putting all of this out there because I feel like I have ideas, thoughts and experience that I need to share. It’s also good for me to put this in writing and get this out… helps me to process. So, whether it comes in a 3-5 posts a week schedule or an ebb and flow manner by which I have been… I’m just glad for the opportunity to share and glad for the community I’ve met as a result.

So, I’ve got some posts coming up over the next few days. Some updates of where I’ve been in the job search, updates on my family, thoughts concerning books I’ve read and churches I’ve visited. One thing I’m very excited about is a series of posts concerning a great work being done in Africa. It’s information that really needs to get out as God is doing something amazing there.

So, see you around the blogosphere!