So our dog was missing for more than 48 hours. Sara was starting to get more upset about losing Francie. Good tempered and friendly dogs like Francie tend to be kept by dog finders (especially dogs without collars). Last night I had this very conversation with my wife. “Yeah, Francie could be miles away by now or she could literally be right across the street.”

Well, today Sara got a call on her cell phone. Our neigher only from four houses down saw Francie on Saturday morning and put her in her backyard before leaving for work. Our neighbor has been busy with work and did not yet have the time to make her own posters. Turns out that while Sara’s been worried sick, Francie has been having the time of her life with another dog and a young child (who insisted on giving Francie a makeover).

So, thanks for all your prayers! We’ve got our doggie back and all is well in the Conley home!