Last week the kind folks over at God’s Kids Worship sent me their new “A Big Basket of Easter Songs” resource. I’m very impressed and I hope that they continue to offer seasonal resources like this. When Easter comes around, usually our curriculum takes advantage of the season to teach specific content to connect kids to the Easter story. However, curriculum doesn’t always provide music, and if they do, it may or may not be geared specifically to your opportunity to teach about Easter. There are so many songs with deep biblical and theological significance when it comes to Easter and God’s Kids Worship has gathered together some of the best for you this Easter.

It’s a great mix of hymns and modern worship songs. Depending on your church and worship style, many of the 15 songs might be just what you’re looking for. As I watched the videos, I found a handful that I really liked and thought we could incorporate into our worship environments. There were other songs that didn’t fit my church stylistically, but the content and words are so significant, I’d consider using the song to play during a quite moment of the service where kids can listen to the words and contemplate the message.

It’s a great resource and certainly worth checking out. It’s likely to have songs you’ll use year after year as well as mixing in some songs all throughout the year, not just Easter.

Personally, some of my favorites were:

If you haven’t ever used God’s Kids Worship, you might be surprised. It’s a power-packed resource that includes:

  • Lyric Videos on DVD
  • Both Mac and PC video files to use in your presentation software
  • Lyrics on PDF format to print
  • Audio files to burn CD’s for volunteers to practice

All the music is split-track so that you can just use the music if you would like. The other component is that God’s Kids uses only kids vocals.

So, it’s a great resource that you should definitely check out! Feel free to click here to learn more and order this Easter DVD Pack. God’s Kids has also been a proud sponsor of this site for many months, so you can always click on the ad to the right to see everything that they offer.

This is my honest feedback and review of this resource. God’s Kids Worship did send me a free copy for review purposes. Their sponsorship has not influenced my opinions of this products in any way.