I just finished reading this book (Going All the Way: Preparing for a Marriage That Goes the Distance) by Craig Groeschel of LiveChurch.TV. Actually, this is part of what I did for the 4th of July this year… I caught up on some reading. Being at a church that is made up of close to 50% singles, there are a lot of people who want to get married, so there is a higher demand of pastors to marry folks. I’ve done two wedding up to this point and have a feeling that I’ll be doing many more. Currently I have two couples that I’ll be doing their wedding at the end of the year. I met both of them last week for an initial get together to make sure we were a good fit. Over the next few months I’ll meet with them at least three more times. The couples are my age and some of the books I’ve looked over in the past certainly aren’t going to work from where they’re coming from. I know I’ll be doing premarital counseling for couples who are professing Christians and those who are seeking what it means to follow Christ. So I needed a good book that wouldn’t “cheese off” a seeker (does that make sense at all?). I remember reading a post from Sam several months ago as he reviewed “Going All The Way.” I got it, read it and it’s just about perfect for this setting.

If you’re getting married, want to get married or know someone who is going to be getting married, then this might be a great book for them to read (especially if they’re in the 20-30 something generation). Read Sam’s review of the book right here.

Although it doesn’t cover everything, it’s a great book to get a couple asking questions either they haven’t thought of our they’ve been too afraid to ask. Anyone know any other great books to supplement one like this?