No, I’m not endorsing AirTran nor am I getting any money from the airline. However, I just bought my tickets for me and my team. Know how much I paid?

$74 each way from San Antonio, TX to Atlanta. You can get the same deal from DFW. $74! That’s freakin’ nuts!

It’s funny, two days ago I was hunting for airfares and the cheapest I could find was $330 per person, and that was us driving to San Antonio or Dallas. Then AirTran issued special fares and I booked them in a hurry. I bought tickets for six of us for a little over $1000. Dang!

So, the special is only for a few days (however, it seems like they do offer this deal about every two to three weeks). So, if you’re planning to go to Orange, you haven’t bought your tickets yet and you live in near an AirTran terminal… book it now!

Your welcome! 🙂