So, last night I got the privilege of speaking to the 1st-5th graders at our Good Friday service. I actually used the Good Friday lesson of “God to the Rescue.” Great job Dan, Gina and Jonathan! It was a great lesson. I tweaked to make it my own as well as it being a stand-alone message, but it was a lot of fun to teach!

I realized something more this Good Friday than I ever had before. Probably because I’ve never “taught” a Good Friday service or anything, so I’ve probably not been as keenly aware of this before. My observation? Good Friday is the ugly stepchild of Easter. Before anyone takes offense at that statement, let me explain.

Easter is a really big deal, no doubt. It’s the day or savior was raised from the dead. And most years in my life, Good Friday has been more of a second thought. The last two years, I’ve attended Good Friday services that were powerful and contemplative, which has been really good. Although the mood of Good Friday is so often overwhelmingly contemplative and introspective. I think it’s good to mourn the death of Christ and reflect on that ultimate sacrifice. However, I think there’s something else equally important to draw attention to.

When Jesus exclaimed “It is Finished!” and hung his head, the work of redemption was done. The plan that God initiated in the garden thousands of years ago was finally completed. Our sins had been paid for. We see this in the tearing of the veil in the temple. The work was done. Although the word was done at great sacrifice, Jesus had victoriously completed what he had set out to do. It was finished.

I’m not saying that we’re not celebrating something right, I just know that I began to look at things a little differently last night. Truly grateful for my relationship with Jesus, thanks for what he did on that first Good Friday!