It seems that there really isn’t any shortage of Easter resources. From curriculum, video, and other needs, you can find just about anything you’re looking for. But that’s not true of Good Friday. It appears that most resources seem to lump all of Good Friday and Easter into one package, but the Good Friday stuff really can’t stand on it’s own. With more churches offering Good Friday services, events and experiences, the need for stuff specific to Good Friday has increased.

At Gateway we’re doing a very interesting and unique (unique to us) experience for Good Friday which I’ll write about later. We’re putting together a family experience around around Good Friday and we really had a difficult time finding what we were looking for. With what we did find, it was hard to find something that wasn’t too bloody and something that wasn’t too cheesy. Something that an entire family (5 and up) could watch together.

We ended up finding this video on It wasn’t perfect, but close. There was about 15 minutes of “Good Friday” video that we could edit down to a 10 minute clip that is very well produced. There are a few scenes that were a little bloody, so we had to do some visual overlays and it all came out pretty good. The video cost us $30 which was fine with me considering the quality of the production. The only funny part was the title screen. Seriously, you’ll crack up when you see it.

So, other than that, where could someone go to find great Good Friday resources?