chromeYeah, you head that right. It’s been rumored for years but now it’s going to be a reality.

Last night Google announced a Chrome based operating system and plans to release Chrome OS netbooks in 2010. To avoid the monopolistic mistakes Microsoft made in the past, Google is developing the platform for web apps that will work in Google Chrome as well as any other standards-based browser. It’s funny how although we didn’t know this was coming, you can now see events taking place to lead to this. Many of Google’s main applications have all be coming out of beta this last year and with the development of Google Gears, you can use many of your favorite Google Web Applications offline as well as online.

Some see Google as evil with a secret agenda. I’m not sure how I feel about the evil part, but I really love how they’re pushing society and technology to new places. Go Google!

Chrome based OS
Watch out Microsoft

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