waveSeveral weeks ago I began hearing stuff about the new Google Wave. I heard a few explanations but didn’t quite get it. I missed the press conference. However, last week I leaned all about Google Wave on the podcast I listen to on an almost daily basis. Several of the hosts have had the opportunity to play with Google Wave and they’ve shared what they’ve experienced.

Essentially, Google Wave is an attempt to innovate email. Although we typically think of email, the internet and all things web as cutting edge and innovative. However, many parts of the internet, including email are old and outdated, based on systems and technologies that are far outdated. Google Wave is a new approach to email, IM and other stuff as well. In many ways, Google Wave is a new platform for collaboration. I’m very excited about this. Collaboration is very important to me and I’m always looking for ways to do it better.

Below is a five minute excerpt from Buzz Out Loud about Google Wave.

Also, here is the official Google video about Wave.